Sad News

(or good depending on your point of view)

As you will all know my direct approach to life and lack of diplomacy is legendary in the industry, so here is the sad news as only I can write it.

I am off on a new adventure in land far far away and in the next few months will be leaving the business to Terry.

Many of you already know him as the polite one on the telephone, my fishy partner and trusty sidekick of many years. I know you will find his knowledge to be as comprehensive as mine and, without doubt, less blunt. So I hope you will follow him, as you have me, into the future.

Terry will continue to run, improve and update the website beyond what I could ever do, certainly more frequently than I have done in recent months due to me spending time sorting out my escape plan.

I wish to thank everyone for their friendship and custom over the last few decades and for those who have followed me from business to business, some for nearly 30 years! I only have one thing to say - you can't follow me this time!

To those I have upset - tuff!

I hope you all have fun and remember to enjoy the hobby.
Happy Fish Keeping.

Best wishes from:
Graham & Gill, Jay the dog, Charlie the Chinchilla, Tigger and Tina the Shetlands, Spikey, Kevin and Shaun the sheep, and too many fish to name.

PS: No you can't come and stay and no I don't need anyone to carry my bags. Thank you. G

Written by Graham Quick